Transmission Shield SFI 4.1 Transmission Scatter Shield

A transmission shield, sometimes referred to as a transmission scatter shield is a safety shield that is used to help contain transmission parts when there is a failure that causes damage to a transmission, resulting in case breakage and debris getting outside of the transmission. In order to protect the driver, vehicle, other people, vehicles and equipment SFI approved transmission shields are required in many forms of motorsports competition. Even if not required for racing, or if you do not compete in sanctioned events, if you have high performance vehicle, it is highly recommended that you install a shield to protect yourself and others from potential serious damage in the event of a transmission explosion.

powerglide scatter shield

Competition IHRA NHRA SFI Transmission Shield Requirements

IHRA and NHRA trans shield rules require the use of a SFI 4.1 transmission shield in many competition classes. The ever increasing engine torque and horsepower levels, trans brakes, improved suspension and tires have all combined to place greater stresses on the transmission, which can lead to failures, at times catastrophic. Many other types of competition, off road trucks, mud bog vehicles and more also require the use of a strong sfi transmission shield for safety purposes. These safety shields are fairly inexpensive and are well worth the investment. Speak to someone who has been involved with a vehicle that experienced any type of transmission explosion and you will be quickly convinced of why you should use a top quality scatter shield, or at a minimum a transmission blanket, on your vehicle.

Transmission Scatter Shields for Sale Here

The automatic transmission shields that we sell on this website are all certified as meeting SFI 4.1 specifications so they meet or exceed the requirements of all major motorsports competition sanctioning organizations. Trans shields are available under several different brand names such as CSR transmission shield, TCI trans shield ATI, B&M and more. We offer products to fit a wide variety of popular performance and racing transmission models. All of our 6061-T6 aluminum scatter shields come powder coated for long lasting great appearance and ease of cleaning. The PG shield is also offered in a polished, natural aluminum finish.

Our automatic trans shields are made using 6061-T6 aluminum and have the most current SFI approval decals affixed when shipped. Current SFI standards dictate that the shields are certified for use for a period of 5 years. The shields can be re-certified. Mounting hardware and installation instructions are also included with each shipment. Buy the best transmission shield we have at discount prices and get quick shipping.

Available Trans Shield Models

We sell shields for the following model automatic transmissions:

  • Powerglide
  • Turbo 350
  • Turbo 400
  • 200-4R
  • 700-4R
  • 4L80E
  • GM Metric 3 speed
  • C4
  • C6
  • AOD
  • 727
  • 904

Flexplate Shields

Need a SFI approved flexplate shield? We also sell a wide range of flexplate shields. Some competition sanctioning bodies require the use of both shields but even if they are not required, using both provide much greater protection. You can find these listed under the "Products" drop down button at the top of any page of our site.

racing flexplate shield


Types of Transmission Scatter Shields

There are 3 main types of automatic trans shields. Currently available are solid type shields made from 6061-T6 aluminum, carbon fiber, steel and kevlar transmission shields. In addition to the solid type there are also SFI approved transmission blanket type protection products. A question we get quite often is which is better, a transmission blanket or shield. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

aluminum trans safey shield
Aluminum style safety shield

Aluminum shields have a nice appearance and allow the trans to run cooler than the the blanket or 1 piece carbon fiber or kevlar types. Aluminum shields allow superior air circulation around the transmission case resulting in less heat being built up inside the trans case. Keeping trans temps down improves performance, consistency and service life. This is also the least expensive type of SFI approved shield, is easy to clean and they can be re-certified as long as no modifications have been made and there is no damage evident. About the only down side to this type is that it requires more room around the transmission so you may need to modify your floor pan in order to get it to fit. This varies by vehicle body type and transmission model. Some combinations fit without any modifications being required. If the class you are racing also requires a flexplate shield, then that will have to be purchased and installed separately.

carbon fiber scatter shield
One piece trans and flexplate shield

Carbon fiber and kevlar shields offer a more compact installation than the aluminum type, while still allowing some air flow around the case to keep the transmission cooler. There is seldom any clearance problems between the trans and the vehicle floor pan when using these, or if there is any, it is fairly minor. Just about all shields of this type incorporate a flexplate shield into the design. They are also easy to maintain and resistant to damage. The higher cost of this type can be a deterrent in many applications though.

trans blanket
Blanket Style Safety Shield

A transmission blanket is a flexible shield that is wrapped around the transmission and secured with straps. This type shield is easy to install, as  you just wrap it around the transmission and tighten the straps. There are several downsides though. The blanket does not allow the case to dissipate heat as it normally would. The blanket also tends to get get oily and dirty. Headers and exhaust systems can also cause problems with the blanket type shield. It is also susceptible to damage from sharp edges, tools, debris kicked up off the track, etc.. In general, we do not recommend this type shield as there are so many better alternatives on the market these days.

Related Transmission Safety Products

Related racing transmission safety products are blow proof bellhousings for manual and auto transmissions, flywheel and flexplate shields and a few SFI approved transmission cases that completely replace the OEM trans case. You will find many of these available here on our site. Check the "products" menu tab to view all currently available parts.


If you have questions about installing a trans shield or blanket you can read our instructions and FAQ here: How to install a transmission shield

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