200-4R Trans Shield

for TH2004R 4 Speed Overdrive Transmission

A 200-4R transmission shield provides safety for the vehicles driver, track personal, crew members and spectators. Available on this page is a top quality, SFI specification 4.1 approved automatic trans safety shield. This shield is specifically for use with the GM 4 Speed TH200-4R. NOTE: You will sometime see the 4R suffix listed as R4, they both are referring to the same transmission some people just reverse the 4 and R in the suffix..

A 2004R transmission scatter shield meeting SFI specifications is required when participating in many different competition events put on by a large number of sanctioning bodies in order to pass technical inspection and be allowed to compete. A transmission scatter shield is one of the most important safety items you can install on your vehicle. As you build more power and improve your chassis and suspension greater loads are put on the transmission. The transmission shield is designed to help contain any parts that exit the transmission case if there is a major parts failure in the transmission.

200-4R Transmission Shield

GM TH 2004R Transmission Shield

A GM Turbo Hydramatic THM200-4R transmission shield is an extremely important piece of safety equipment to have in place on any high performance or competition vehicle. It is also a good idea in street cars that have been modified and have engines making more torque and power than stock. Our 2004R transmission
models are certified as meeting SFI 4.1 specs and they meet or exceed the requirements of all major competition sanctioning bodies.

These shields are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and have the most current possible date SFI certification approval specification decal on them when shipped. The shield kit listed below includes the SFI approved 200-4R trans shield, bottom straps, mounting brackets and hardware.

Part # TH200 SFI Transmission Shield Price
ce510 Powder Coated


Key Benefits of a SFI Approved 200-4R Transmission Scatter Shield

  • A properly installed 4.1 transmission safety shield will provide greatly increased safety
    for driver, crew members, track workers, vehicle and spectators.
  • SFI spec approved,as required by many sanctioning bodies, in numerous classes, in
    order to pass technical inspection before being allowed to compete.
  • They look great and allow the transmission to run much cooler than the transmission
    blanket type safety device, because our shields allow for air circulation around the
    entire transmission. This type shield does not become near as dirty as a blanket type shield and it is far easier to clean.