Flexplate Shield

SFI 30.1 certified flexplate shield

A flexplate shield is a transmission system safety part used on competition and high performance cars and trucks with automatic transmissions. The automatic transmission flexplate shield protects the driver, vehicle, track crew, other participants and bystanders against damage or injury. A 30.1 approved SFI flexplate shield is a safety part required by many competition sanctioning bodies and racing event organizations in order to pass technical inspection and be allowed to compete. The shields available here meet the requirements for use as an IHRA, NHRDA or NHRA flexplate shield.

Flywheel, Scatter Shield, and Flexplate Safety Shield Benefits

A flexplate, or sometimes called a flywheel safety shield is a good investment for any high performance or competition vehicle, even if not required. An exploding flexplate can cause considerable damage and a shield provides an additional layer or protection outside of the bellhousing. The majority of flexplates are made of steel, but transmission bellhousings are usually aluminum so if a flywheel comes apart, especially at higher rpm, the pieces can go through a stock aluminum transmission bellhousing. Installing one of these safety shields helps to minimize damage in the event of
a flywheel, flexplate, or starter ring failure. A flexplate shield is sometimes referred to as a scatter shield.

flexplate scatter shield

30.1 Certified SFI Flexplate Shield Install

The shields listed here bolt between the back of the engine block and the front of the transmission case. You insert the trans to block mounting bolts through the mounting ears on the shield, then through the transmission bellhousing and into the engine block as normal.

All of the flexplate shields we sell are 30.1 SFI certified and meet or exceed the requirements of all major motorsports competition sanctioning bodies.

Flexplate shields are shipped with the most current SFI 30.1 certification decals available at the time of your purchase.

Part #

SFI Flexplate Shield Description

600 Chevrolet bolt pattern Powerglide, TH350,
TH400, 700R4
602 Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile block
to Powerglide, TH350,
TH400, 700R4
603 Multi-fit bolt pattern, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick,
Oldsmobile to Powerglide, TH350,
TH400, 700R4
604 Ford Big Block 429 460  
605 Ford Small Block Windsor and Cleveland  
6052 Ford Small Block AOD  
6053 Ford Small Block Modular 4.6 and 5.4  
606 Ford FE Engine  
607 Mopar Big Block and 426 Hemi  
608 Mopar Small Block  
609 Chevy Open-wheel dirt car  
610 AMC-727 Torque Command  
611 GM engine to GM 4L80E trans  


small block chrysler flexplate shield
Small Block Mopar Flexplate Shield Part Number 608

An alternative to a flexplate shield is to install a SFI approved bellhousing onto your transmission case. We do not sell that type of bellhousing on this web site but they are available for purchase along with more details at this link: JW Ultrabell Bellhousing

Part Identification Flexplate vs Flywheel

The terms flexplate and flywheel are sometimes used interchangeably. Just to clarify, all of the parts sold on this site are for use with automatic transmission equipped vehicles. A flexplate is what connects the crankshaft to the torque converter of an automatic transmission. A flywheel is used in manual transmission equipped vehicles to connect the crank to the clutch.